I can provide notarizations for documents such as a request for a certified birth certificate, a grant deed, DMV test, or most any other document.

If you need loan documents signed and notarized, I can go over and briefly explain each loan document in the package and insure they are signed correctly and notarized. I am a National Notary Assocation Certified Signing Agent.

The two main types of notarizations are:

Acknowledgment - Certifies that the signer appeared before the notary, the signer acknowledged signing the document, and to the identity of the signer.

Jurat Certifies that the signer appeared before the notary, the signer signed the document in the presence of the notary, and that the notary administered an oath or affirmation to the signer (to the truthfulness of the statements in the document). Also, as of 2005, certifies the identity of the signer.

I can also notarize a Certified Copy of Power of Attorney.Both the original Power of Attorney and the copy need to be presented to the notary.

The copied Power of Attorney document is the only document that a notary can certify. Other document copies must be certified by the document custodian (you).

The following documents CANNOT be notarized:
Incomplete Documents
Birth, death, or marriage records
Documents with faxed or copied signatures

If you have any questions on services available, please call (925) 584-2757.